Our Process

The First Step

It all begins with compatibility.

We understand that we aren’t necessarily the right firm for every single person, and that’s okay. That is why the first step is called our ‘Initial Consultation’. We need to meet you, and you need to meet us.

The initial consultation is typically one hour in length. We will attempt to answer any questions that you may have with general and factual information, or alternatively, we will try and point you in the right direction.

To schedule your appointment, please call our office on (02) 6964 9543 and one of our Client Service Managers will be able to answer any non-financial questions you may have, and also let you know what documents you should bring with you to the meeting.  We will also ask some questions of you, so that your financial planner is briefed prior to the meeting, and so that you are able to get the most value out of your time with us.

The Next Step

We will meet again and discuss more about what is most important to you so that we fully understand your unique circumstances.

Using the information you have provided to us, we will investigate different strategies to help you to achieve your goals and meet your objectives.  We will prepare a personalised financial plan, known as a Statement of Advice, that will outline our specific recommended strategies for you.

Sharing our Recommendations with you

We will meet with you to explain in plain English, our recommendations, and make sure that you understand the recommended strategies and key benefits. You can ask any questions you may have before agreeing to implement any of the advice.

If you agree to the recommendations, we will handle any of the paperwork that may be required, remembering that we will not implement anything unless authorised by you.

Keeping in contact

It is important to review the advice we provided, including any changes to your circumstances and goals and objectives to ensure you keep on track. We can offer you an Annual Advice Agreement which will provide you with support and service over a 12-month period, so that your financial plan can evolve as needed when things change.